Fulton police department

Fulton police department

The City of Fulton resides in Fulton County, which is located in western Kentucky. The City of Fulton is a twin city with the Kentucky-Tennessee State Line running through the middle of the city. The population of the City of Fulton is 2,775. The City of Fulton’s sister city, South Fulton TN, has a population of 2,688. This makes the combined population of the twin city area to be 5,463. The City of Fulton was founded in 1859. The city was incorporated in 1872. The police department was formed shortly thereafter. The first department consisted of one Chief and one night watchman.

The present day Fulton Police Department consists of three divisions. These divisions are the Patrol Division, Telecommunications Division, and the Animal Control Division. The Fulton Police Department has 14 employees.


Fulton Police Department Junior Police Academy

The Fulton Police Department is accepting applications for the Junior Police Academy cadet class 1. The Junior Police Academy is a course that has been designed by the officers of the Fulton Police Department. The Junior Police Academy is a character-building program that will prepare the cadet for the challenges of a career in law enforcement, criminal justice or the military. You will witness firsthand the experiences of a police officer and learn the foundations for a career in law enforcement. The goal of the academy is to have fun, learn discipline, motivation, and experience teamwork.

Activities and classes will include:

1) Orientation to the academy
2) Physical Fitness
3) Traffic Stops
4) D.U.I. Awareness
5) Traffic accidents and control
6) Building Searches
7) Preliminary investigative skills
8) Arrest procedures
9) Defensive Tactics and force continuum
10) Crime Scene investigation
11) Evidence Collection
12) Homicide Investigation (practical)
13) community involvement
14) leader ship skills
*You can pick up an application at the Fulton Police Department.

Detective Lieutenant Steven Williams

Directs and coordinates activities of officers that are engaged in a investigation of criminal cases, such as auto theft, armed robbery, missing persons, homicide, vice, narcotics, fraud, and crimes involving youths: assigns detectives to designated posts or criminal cases. Reviews and submits reports of cases investigated to superiors. Ensures that apprehended criminals are fingerprinted. Directs photographing of crime scene, evidence, and suspects. Submits record of suspicions along with statement of witnesses and informants to office of Fulton County Attorney and the Fulton County Commonwealth Attorney for submission to District or Circuit Judge to obtain search warrant necessary to raid premises suspected of housing illegal activities. Conducts raids upon establishments suspected of violating such statutes as gambling or prostitution laws and oversees arrest of persons involved. Details officers to public gatherings to protect the public from all criminals’ involvement. May personally investigate criminal cases. May be designated by the Police Chief according to nature of crime investigated as commanding officer, automobile section; or according to rank as detective captain; detective lieutenant; detective sergeant.



Fulton Police Department
Press Release
DOCJT Supervisor Graduates
Release Date November 3, 2008

On Friday, October 24, 2008, Sergeant Steven Williams and Corporal Justin Purcell graduated from the Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training Academy of Police Supervision. They were part of a graduation class of officers from 16 agencies in the commonwealth. The training composed of three weeks of targeted supervision training for first level supervisors.
These courses included classes in focusing on the role of the supervisor, leadership, resolving conflict, managing diversity, monitoring officer performance, professional image, legal issues for supervisors, ethics, interpersonal communication, effective written communication, making decisions, problem solving, managing critical incidents, public speaking, emotional survival, budgeting, and media relations.
The Kentucky Department of Criminal Justice Training is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies and was the first accredited public safety-training program in the nation. In 2006, the academy also became the first law enforcement-training academy in the nation to be designated as a CALEA flagship agency.
We, as a department, are proud of the accomplishments of Sergeant Williams and Corporal Purcell.

Assistant Chief Jere E. Hughes
Public Information Officer
Fulton Police Department

Fulton Police Department Mission Statement:

“To equally and fairly protect and serve all people within the City of Fulton without regard to race, color, religion, ethnicity, gender, age or sexual orientation.”


The vision of the Fulton Police Department is to provide professional police service, in partnership with the community, that enhances the quality of life in the City of Fulton by providing a safe environment through the protection of life and property within the framework of the United States Constitution and to provide this service with integrity and respect to the citizens of our community.

Chief Terry G. Powell

Chief’s Message

The men and women of the Fulton Police Department are proudly dedicated to the citizens of Fulton that they serve. This service is based on the following values:

Integrity - We will uphold the public trust by being honest, truthful, and convicted in our
beliefs and actions. We will display high moral and ethical standards and act
as role models within the community, always holding ourselves accountable to
the principle of equality.
Service - We will provide quality service through a partnership with the community with
a commitment of excellence to this service.

My door is always open the public. If you want to ensure a meeting with me, please call the Fulton Police Department at 270-472-3141. If you have access to a computer with internet service, my e-mail address is fpdchief@newwavecomm.net , feel free to send me a message.

Patrol Division

The patrol division consists of nine police officers. The department has one Chief of Police, one Captain, two sergeants, and five patrolmen. Due to our small size, all members of our department perform patrol duties and answer calls for service. Officers on shift are responsible for answering calls of service and patrolling the city streets observing for criminal activity, traffic violations, and violations of city ordinances.

Assistant Chief Jere E. Hughes

Patrol Commander

Police officers are graduates of the Department of Criminal Justice Training Academy. The academy is 16 weeks long and contains 660 hours of instruction and training. This academy, designed for recruit level officer, includes instruction in topics such as collision investigation, law, patrol, vehicle operations, firearms, criminal investigations, defensive tactics, physical fitness, first aid/CPR, DUI Enforcement, Telecommunication, practical exercises and Spanish. The academy is a nationally accredited public safety and law enforcement academy. The Department of Criminal Justice received this certification from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. After graduation each officer must complete a minimum of 40 hours of in-service training each year to maintain his or her certification.

Detective Unit

Each officer is responsible to investigate the calls of service that he or she is dispatched to. If the call of service develops into a case of investigation, the officer will investigate it. When the officer locates the suspect and develops enough evidence for a warrant then an arrest is made. If the case is a misdemeanor then warrants will be obtained from the District Court of Fulton County. If the case is a felony case then the officer has two options to pursue charges. The first option is to obtain warrants from the District Court of Fulton County. The second option is to wait until the next convening of the Grand Jury of Fulton County and present the case to the jury.

Major cases are assigned by the Patrol Commander to the officer who is the most experienced in that area of investigation. Sex crime cases are assigned to officers who have received specialized training in those investigations. All cases are monitored by the senior sergeant with the progress reported to the Patrol Commander who then reports the progress to the Chief of Police.

Bicycle Patrol Unit

The Fulton Police Department Bike Patrol Unit is composed of volunteers from the Patrol Division. The department has three police bicycles and accessories. Utilization of this resource allows our department to patrol in areas where a police vehicle is quickly noticeable. The bicycles also allow officers to respond quietly to these areas. Bicycle officers are able to patrol large crowds and respond to areas in those crowds more expediently than an officer on foot or in a vehicle can.

Meth/Clandestine Lab Response Unit

This unit is composed of volunteers from the Patrol Division. Volunteers must complete a meth/clandestine lab training course and be certified. The unit is issued a trailer with equipment for the dismantling and packaging of chemical labs. Unit members are able to do their assigned tasks in full chemical suits and self contained breathing apparatus. Since its conception this unit has responded to several calls of service both to this city and to the surrounding counties.

Canine Unit

Turbo with Doug Love

The Fulton Police Department recognizes that conducting an investigation of criminal offenses often requires the use of specialized tools and techniques. The use of a trained police canine is an effective tool in law enforcement. The canine’s superior sense of smell and hearing can be an invaluable enhancement of patrol activities.

The department has one canine, Turbo, who has been with in service since October of 2003. Turbo is a 15 month old German Sheppard imported from Slovakia. Turbo was purchased from Cross Creek Training Academy in Edgefield, South Carolina through grant funding and community donations. Turbo is trained to detect 12 different narcotic odors and is trained to track criminals and lost persons.

Fulton PD canine handlers must have a minimum of three years experience in law enforcement and must attend a 3-4 week school to learn the basics of being a K9 unit. Turbo currently has one handler, Patrolman 1st class Doug Love.

Fulton Animal Control Officer Adam Cagle

Animal Patrol Officer: Job Description, Duties and Requirements

Animal patrol officers investigate cases of animal mistreatment or animal attack and relocate homeless, mistreated or lost pets to shelters. It's a hands-on job that requires officers to catch and care for injured or unwanted animals.

Communication supervisor Donna Cook

Telecommunications Division

The Telecommunication Center of the Fulton Police Department is composed of one Telecommunicator Supervisor and three telecommunicators. As of 2003 telecommunication operators must complete a four week academy conducted by the Department of Criminal Justice Training. This 160 hour course covers basic communication, CJIS, Spanish for Telecommunicator, CPR, Emergency Medical Dispatch, and Critical Incidents. Telecommunicators are required to complete annual in-service training to maintain their certification status.

The Telecommunication Center of the Fulton Police Department houses a 24 hour dispatch capability center. This center has a link to the National Crime Information Center computer. Our center is the N.C.IC. terminal agency for 13 satellite agenies.

The center is equipped with E-911. This system enables telecommunicators to have immediate access to the address and phone numbers from which requested calls of service originate. This allows telecommunicators to dispatch emergency responder units to locations of calls of service where the caller is unable to communicate or is confused as to where they are.

The center monitors fire and burglar alarms for business and home owners. The center also monitors robbery alarms for our local businesses.

The center receives and dispatches calls of service for the following agencies:

Fulton Police Department
Twin City Ambulance
Fulton Fire Department
Water Valley Fire Department
Fulton Public Works
Fulton County Sheriff Department
Fulton Electric System
Fulton County Coroner
Fulton City Hall
Fulton City Code Enforcement Office
Fulton Animal Control Department


The center monitors and has the capabilities to dispatch for the following agencies:

Hickman County Sheriff Department
Fulton County Detention Center
South Fulton Police Department
South Fulton Fire Department
Cayce Fire Department


All telecommunicators are certified trained deputy jailers for the Commonwealth of Kentucky as a requirement for the Life Safety Facility located in the Fulton Police Department. The Life Safety Facility is capable of holding up to 5 male and 2 female inmates.

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Fulton Police Department
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The Fulton Police Department has been awarded two grants from the Justice and Public Safety Cabinet. The first grant awarded was for the DUI/Educational program for the sum of $ 8,202.00 with a 25 percent matching through the Law Enforcement Service Fee Block Grant Program. This will pay for overtime to the officers for extra patrol looking for those who are Driving Under the Influence on the highways of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The second Grant awarded was for the sum of $ 7,500.00 with a 25 percent matching through the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant ( JAG) Program. These funds will assist in buying new portable \digital radios for the officers. The Justice and Public Safety Cabinet has the foremost responsibility to protecting Life and Property of the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s citizens. They are pleased to allocate federal funds for programs that will aid in fulfilling a responsibility of protecting your community the “City Of Fulton” and the “Commonwealth of Kentucky.” They hope that these grants will make our community and the Commonwealth an even safer place for all of us and provide services and responsive needs to you the Citizens of the Commonwealth.