Fire Department Begins New Smoke Alarm Program

Home fires are the biggest disaster threat facing American families, affecting more people yearly than floods, tornadoes and hurricanes combined. On average, home fires cause approximately 2,500 deaths and nearly $7 billion in property damages every year.  Seven times a day, someone dies in a home fire and every 40 minutes, an injury from a fire is reported. The rate of home fire deaths and injuries has remained relatively constant over the past 20 years. By mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors, the American Red Cross, together with our partner Fulton Fire Department, can attack this stagnation and work to significantly lower the incidence of deaths and injuries from home fires.

The Red Cross has launched the Home Fire Campaign which aims to reduce the number of home fire deaths and injuries by 25 percent by the end of 2019. To reach this goal, the Red Cross is working with community and government partners and stakeholders across the country to install smoke alarms and provide life-saving fire and disaster safety education to at-risk communities. Many lives have already been saved as a result of campaign efforts since the
kickoff in October 2014.

This program will replace out dated smoke alarms (older than 10 years) or install new smoke alarms.  While firefighters are in the home they will help you perform a fire safety inspection, make an escape plan and you will earn about local emergency disaster preparedness.

If you are in need of smoke alarms or just want us to check them call 270-472-1423 today and get on the schedule don’t wait, your life will depend on it.


Captain Jordan Jones and Lieutenant Tina Dropik install smoke alarms for Dorothy Harrison.