No Leaves In Curbside Trash Receptacles

limbs-in-trash-receptaclesReminder that leaves, branches and trimmings are not to be placed in trash receptacles bagged or loose.  If you place leaves in your curbside trash receptacle this could result in a delay in your trash pick up as these leaves fill up the garbage truck as they will not pack.  This causes the truck to have to return to the landfill to empty.

bagged-leavesBagged leaves only maybe placed at the curb for special pick up the second and fourth weeks of the month. Reminder special pick up items may only be placed out at the curb 72 hours before the second and fourth Mondays.

leaf-machineLeaves maybe be loosely piled at the curb for the City leaf collection which will begin shortly.  Stay tuned for more on City leaf collection dates and schedule.