City of Fulton is restricting access to its indoor facilities.


City of Fulton Remains Committed to Service during COVID-19 Outbreak

Fulton, KY (March 17, 2020) – Beginning Wednesday, March 18, 2020, the City of Fulton is restricting access to its indoor facilities, including City Hall downtown, in an effort to take precautionary measures in the prevention of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and spread.

The City recognizes that the impact of a potential outbreak may affect City operations in a variety of ways. To ensure continuity of government, as well as its commitment to public safety, the City will remain on track – as always – in serving its citizens, carrying out critical functions and prioritizing support functions, but will restrict the public to conduct City business using the drive through window at City Hall, located at 101 Nelson Tripp Place, which will be open during normal hours.  The public may also use U.S. Mail, electronic means and phone to conduct necessary business.  This alteration in operations will remain in effect until further public notice.

City Hall and other public buildings will remain open for staff and government officials who are unable to work remotely, but the public with required business should use another option or call City Hall at 270-472-1320 to determine how to best handle specific processes.

The City of Fulton will be monitoring the situation daily during this state of emergency and will assess and re-evaluate restrictions going forward an issue notices to such changes. All necessary updates until that time will be communicated on the City website, and social media portals, as well as the local paper “The Current”.

The City also recognizes its special duty to assist the public. During a community emergency, City employees’ responsibility to serve, maintain vital services and take protective measures for themselves and their community is critical and will continue during this time.

“Local governments are encouraged to take an active lead in implementing steps in concert with Governor Beshear’s declaration of emergency, executive orders and to protect the general public,” said Fulton Mayor David Prater, who asks that citizens practice social distancing, remain calm, clean and cooperative.

Cognizant of a public outlet during school closures and other COVID 19-related disruptions, the City for now will keep outdoor parks, playgrounds accessible.  As a reminder, the act of social distancing is recommended and mass gatherings in park facilities remain discouraged.