Fulton, KY seeks public input as it begins Placemaking Planning



Fulton, KY seeks public input as it begins Placemaking Planning

FULTON, KENTUCKY, FEBRUARY 1, 2022 – The City of Fulton, KY is seeking public input as a part of a new planning process in partnership with Atlas Community Studios.

This project aims to address local challenges around three key areas, identify strategic opportunities, and develop goals, strategies, and action steps in a custom placemaking playbook.

The playbook will focus on three key areas:

  • Economic Development
  • Housing
  • Marketing

“Placemaking can empower communities to create a sense of belonging and lead to community pride.  Placemaking is another way to build environments that benefit health and well-being.” said Mike Gunn, Fulton City Manager

To begin, the Atlas team will lead an in person public visioning session for community members to give feedback and ideas about the future of Fulton. All who live, work or attend school in the community are invited to join the conversation:

Tuesday, February 8th at 5pm
Location: Pontotoc Community Center
100 W State Line St, Fulton, KY

In addition to the work of planners, designers and architects, placemaking works best as a collaborative process involving the community.  Community input is perhaps the best way to plan a place.  When a place represents shared community vision it has value to those people empowering them to support, maintain, promote and protect that place.” said Mark Welch, Steering Committee Member

The placemaking process is broken down into three phases: Community Visioning; Capacity Assessment and the Playbook with public input and guidance from a local steering committee of volunteers representing an essential component of the process.  The playbook is scheduled to be completed in July 2022 and will be publicly available online.


  1. Vickie Maddox

    Tha ks for taking su h interest in our small town..I live in Tn. But I am so thankful for our little town she needs help desperately..Thank you..Vickie Maddox

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