City of Fulton Upgrades Street Lights

Written by Benita Fuzzell Fulton Leader News

The City of Fulton recently selected Harshaw Trane to develop a guaranteed energy savings contract pursuant to KRS 45A.352.

Harshaw Trane has analyzed all major energy consumers in the city and consulted with city officials and leadership to develop a solution that will resolve known issues while providing savings and project payback.

The project will include changing all street lighting to LED, making the City of Fulton the second in Kentucky to make the transition to LED for their street lighting infrastructure.

After an extensive audit of Fulton street lighting, that includes physical verification and GIS mapping software, Harshaw-Trane then re-designed the city’s lighting using existing fixture locations.

Specialized software is used to ensure the city is in compliance with all requirements for roadway lighting.

The final solution will address 567 fixtures throughout the city and yield a reduction annually of 446,183 kWh, which is equivalent to a 72.7% reduction in energy usage.

Fulton will benefit from a reduction in maintenance costs, according to Harshaw Trane, due to a 10-year warranty on the new LED fixtures.

Residents of Fulton should benefit from improved lighting quality.

“The project is over 80% complete and will include all the decorative fixtures in the downtown area getting new LED heads which will give downtown an updated look and better lighting,” said Fulton City Manager Cubb Stokes.

Donna Watts Retiring

Donna Watts, head utility billing clerk, is retiring. Donna’s last full time day will be September 30th.  She will be working part time through October.  When asked what she is going to do she says she plans to spend time spoiling her new grandchild during her retirement.  If you see her wish her well and thank her for her dedicated service to the City.  We would like to wish her well and thank her for her years of service.